The Brief of Company logo




As can be seen from the picture, this Logo is composed of two capital letters Y, it is taken from our company Chinese name "Yin Yu". These two letters represent our company

This two capital letters close to each other. It reflect the two following points:

First it reflect the unity and cooperation of our each employees. And it represent the consistent objective from owner to every employee.

Second, it represent the relationship between our company and customers which are closely linked, just like a friend or a partner. We respect and keep in touch with customers that never stop whatever in presell, selling and after-sales.

Then look at the color of our logo. It include green, purple and red. In fact this is not just a simple RGB. From the point of view of printing, you can find green is combine by blue and  yellow, this red is combine by yellow and red, purple is combine by red and blue.The color of the Logo is actually reflect the policy of our company, that is: "printed colorful, cover thousands of the industries"

The green color represent safety and environmental protection. which it is the eternally immutable subject in the twenty-first century. Whether in a whole earth, a region, a country, a small industry, a family or even in a personal.The green color on the logo on behalf of our company's products which are environmentally friendly.

The red color as feeling that active, positive and enthusiastic, which embody the meanings of our company. that is solidarity, positive, sunshine, active collective, always give customers the most professional and enthusiastic service. The most important thing is that red color just like a flowing blood, meaning that our company is constantly updating and moving forward. The world is changing every day, a lot of things are constantly updated and replaced. Our company is also advancing with our products, continue to absorb new things, master new technology, walk in the front of the the printing industry trend, and even become a pioneer in leading the printing industry trend.

The purple color is mysterious and noble, it also means that our company's products are high quality! Of course our customers can get the most distinguished products and professional services at the same time. We often say: We cant give customers the lowest price, but we will be able to give customers the most worthy of products and best services!

The shape of Logo design is a robot, it meaning the infinite change with the power to create an infinite future, but also like a giant to open hands to hold up a new world !

The logo symbolizes our companys policy: We have the professional technical knowledge, the trustworthy high-quality products and the serious attitude to serve the printing industry!


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