Mr Shiva's Business Trip

           On June 13th,2017, our India old client Mr. Shiva and his business partner Mr. Rajan visited our Ink Roller Factory. During the visit, we have showed him every process of our ink roller manufacture, such as rubber making, steel metal making, quality checking, size measuring, warehouse stocking, roller packaging, production time and our database of every offset machine model.                                                                                          After the visit, Mr. Shiva is very satisfied with our roller factory and made an agreement with our company. The agreement is that Mr.Shiva will be our roller agent in Hyderabad, India. He will import the ink rollers from our factory (amount $1500-$2000) every month. After the visit, we have lunch together in a restaurant to taste the "Hunan Spicy Food". That is really a unforgettable memory of our company. Thank him so much! (From June 13th-16th,2017)

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